Gran finale.

Last day of B&W Feb today and I was super stoked to capture this shot of the iconic Aussie Kookaburra. Probably one of my favourite shots I've taken so far. I know it sounds crazy, but lately sometimes with wildlife it's been almost like they seek me out especially. Maybe spot me hanging around with this weird looking big black object and are curious, so they come check me out, giving me the opportunity to shoot up real close. Like what happened here. This Kookaburra flew down to a branch probably only about 3-4 meters max away from where I was standing when I took this shot.

ISO 3600 1/500 sec. f/5.6 300 mm

Euploea core.

Managed to pop out out another one for b&w Feb. I had my zoom on when I took this so I actually had to take a few steps back in order to be able to bring the butterfly into focus, cause it landed almost literally right in front of me. Would be cool to get some kinda macro at some point, pick up more detail on smaller things.


Crested pigeon.

I added 2 second hand editions to my photography equipment today. A tripod and a 55-300mm zoom. Haven't used the tripod yet, but this is one of my first shots taken with the zoom. I didn't have to get close so this pigeon is acting pretty cool. Having only that smaller lens did teach me the fine art of creeping though lol.

ISO 200 1/125 sec. f/8 300 mm

Black and white Feb 2019.

Not sure if this pic really works for b&w, but it's that month, sooooo :) But who knew birds were so damn hard to photograph! So many variables, and plus they move, and fly away, and turn their backs, and hide behind branches etc etc! Out of about 50 exposures I took of birds yesterday I was happy to find I had one, literally one decent one, of a Black Currawong. I'll add the colour version under the cut.

ISO 400 1/1000 sec. f/5.6 55 mm

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